Friday, November 13, 2009

13 weeks on Friday the 13th

So we are finally going public—little baby A is today 13 weeks! 13 weeks on Friday the thirteen, I hope it's not an omen! We have been trying our best to keep our little secret for several weeks now, and we decided that today is the day when we have been telling everyone.

Had my 13 week appointment this morning and everything is progressing perfectly. We wanted to wait for the result of the testing for Trisomy and Down Syndrom, and this morning we got confirmed that all results seem fine. The doctor even told me that Scandinavians have really good genes! I almost cracked up—it sounded like I was in some kind of breeding experiment.

So far I have felt great, no real morning sickness thank god! Weeks 4-12 were plagued by exhaustion (I literally fall asleep sitting up in the sofa at 8:30 every night—no exceptions!) and constant hunger. I felt like I was starving all the time. As soon as I finished one meal, I started to think about the next time I could eat. Really bad.

The biggest point of anxiety has been the weight gain. The doctor told me that if I didn't gain sufficient weight, the baby could have serious problems and that it was expected for me to gain 25-30 lbs. Gaining weight, even if you know it's essential and healthy for your baby, is tough for the self-esteem. So far I have gained about 6 lbs, and I think I look like I have been eating a little too many doughnuts. It's scary to know that I have another 19-24 lbs to go.

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