Monday, November 2, 2009

The Standard Grill—a must

Back at work after vacation. Ugh! I wish I had more time off, but soon Christmas is here and we'll be in Sweden for 10 days. 

So Em and Erik left last night. We had so much fun the whole week. Hadn't been out for ages, so Wednesday night we had dinner at The Standard Grill. Yum! Both food and service were much better than I anticipated. 

Here's my review:
I started with the grilled Octopus. It was fantastic! Really tender and not chewy at all. Rich had the oysters and they were really good too (although I'm not a big fan of oysters overall). For entree we tried lamb chops and the braised rabbit. Everything was great. I thought the broccoli rabe on the side was a little bitter, but that's ok. Strong and tasty drinks. Overall verdict: A super fab night. Plus, Jim Caviezel was there too. I have a huge crush on him. So dreamy! (He's even better looking in real life). Great crowd—not too young and not too old. Just perfect. Fun and lively. Despite all the reviews saying that this place has slow service, our waiter was super prompt without rushing us. 

Rounded off the night at The Maritime Hotel's La Bottega. Odd and interesting people. Just the way I like it.

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