Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nail polish goof fixing

I am horrible at keeping nail polish on fingers pretty. Two hours after leaving the nail salon, I usually have a scuff or a chip—and I really do try to be careful! Typical after spending 10 dollars on having them done. So I have given up on having them done professionally too often—it was costing me a fortune.

Most of the time nowadays I do them myself—often late at night in bed, balancing a bottle of polish precariously on a magazine on my pillow. Amazingly I haven't spilt anything yet! My handy work on my nails is not always so stellar though. It's like coloring inside the lines in the dark. I think I have found a solution: my coworker just got a little mini pen tool with a felt tip soaked in remover to fix goofs. Perfect!

1 comment:

  1. De ar verkligen kanonbra.
    Sjalv brukar jag gora gel-naglar med farg pa salong. Det blir ingen farg som chippar av vilket ar kanon.



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