Friday, November 20, 2009

Calling All NY Swedes

Swedish Seamen's Church on E 48th Street in Manhattan (right off 5th Ave)

Couldn't help taking a bite of the lussekatt before the camera came out. Obviously no discipline!

Swedish Christmas bazaar at the Swedish Church in mid-town today. Stop by. I scored both a lussekatt (Swedish Saffron Bun) and Turkish pepper (Hot and salty swedish hard acquired taste). Now I just need to stop by IKEA to get some Julmust and Pepparkakor (Gingersnaps) and then I would be ready for Santa

Also managed to get tickets for the traditional Lucia celebration in Manhattan on December 12 when I was over at the church. Should be so nice to get to celebrate Christmas with friends before we take of for Sweden on the 23rd. Now we just have to plan a pre-Christmas celebration with Rich's family too, maybe we'll have a little cocktail party with everyone before we leave.

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