Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passport hassle

I can't believe that they are going to close down the Swedish Consulate in New York in January—the only place I can renew my passport without a huge hassle.

My passport is technically not expiring until 2011, but I am going to run over and have it renewed now anyway. Since I'm no longer a resident of Sweden I can't renew it when I'm back home. Who made up these stupid rules? Someone that is trying to make it as difficult and costly as possible. After January, the only way will be to go down to Washington DC to have it take care of—and you will have to go twice! Once to apply and a second time to pick it up. It's so inconsiderate! I would have to take two vacation days and pay for travel down there—thank god my husband's sister lives down there so at least we would be able to stay for free.

To top it off, the renewal fee is $170! In Sweden it's $50! Double whammy.

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