Thursday, November 12, 2009

Case number 2 and 3 confirmed

Argh! Another co-worker has been diagnosed with H1N1 and now his wife also has it. And I spent an hour with him yesterday. I cannot get the swineflu! I just disinfected my whole desk with Clorox wipes and half my body with antibacterial gel, door is closed, A/C vent closed. I'm hibernating in my office until this whole this has blown over.

I have also stocked up on Tazo Honeybush tea. My friend George introduced me to it, and I swear it really helps a soar throat. Highly recommended (together with a chock full of pills of course). And it's really tasty—and I usually hate herbal tea (I rather die than drink chamomile or echinacia tea. Urk!)

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