Monday, August 3, 2009

Treesje sale on

Starting in 30 minutes,—an online shopping community, is kicking off the Treesje sale. All you have to do is join ideeli and start shopping. If you choose to upgrade your account to 1st row (for a fee), you get first dibs on the stuff. Plus, if you tell a friend about the site, you'll get a $25 shopping credit. Here's a sampling for the Treesje sale.

(The shipping process from this site is super slow—expect 3 weeks before you get your stuff)

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  1. Hi My Sweet Valentine!

    It's Joi from Thanks for the awesome post about our Treesje Sales Event!

    Well, since you are already writing about us, I'd like to send you more details about our blogger incentive program.

    If interested, please email me at


    Joi Wheatley



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