Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bikini Shopping = Anxiety

I'm usually the one that is so late getting a new bathing suit for the season, that the old bikini needs to be unpacked for the summer's first few trips to the beach.

It's not the usual procrastination, but rather anxiety avoidance. It's that unmerciful dressing room mirror and lighting that is at fault. No matter how much I have worked out, gone tanning, lotioned and exfoliated, the dressing room always enhances all the flaws and none of the assets.

This morning I grabbed the bull by the horns and bought three bikinis online. I am praying that the mirror in my bedroom at home will be kinder. All three ended up being from J Crew, I got the white one from the photo in black instead. (I used to swear by Victorias Secret, but I hate all the new cuts). I hope that at least one will be acceptable for swim suit season. Ugh.

To be continued....

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