Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For serious burger lovers only: The Burger Joint

In an obscure dark corridor, behind a thick velvet drape in the quite fancy Le Parker Meridien hotel on W. 57th street, you find a small neon sign with only a burger depicted. 

That is the one and only signage for The Burger Joint–one of (in my opinion) best burgers in the city. With its 70s fake wood paneling, old diner furniture, tacky light fixtures, it's a flashback to old New York. On the only menu you have only a handful of items–burgers or cheeseburger, sodas and fries. Come prepared though, the staff is quite brusk and with lines going out the door you only have 5 seconds to order before they have a snarky remark.  
But it's worth it, because it is ohhh so good (and completely unhealthy).

Note: Seating is extremely limited so be prepared. And no credit/debit cards are accepted–CASH ONLY

Address: 118 West 57th Street

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