Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ugg-ly boots, sleeping bags and Man-furs

I know it's really cold out, but there are a few popular (sometimes even "trendy") wardrobe items that really should never leave the house. 

1. The ugg boots. As the name states, they are ugg-ly. Actually, I take that back. I don't think Uggs are terrible looking, but I don't know of anything worse that worn out Uggs where the heel has slid to the side a bit. And the famous Ugg boot shuffle. Are people too lazy to life their feet when they walk? The chorus of dragging shoes on the morning sidewalks is enough to drive anyone insane.

2. The ankle length quilted down coat: Ouch, another popular item for girls in cold weather. Don't do it...there is nothing less sexy than a girl wearing a sleeping bag, not matter how comfy it is.

3. The man fur: This one goes out to the boys. There is no excuse for this one–no man should ever, ever wear a fur coat (with the exception for a pimp costume for Halloween). Long or short, they look absolutely ridiculous. Please spare your fellow man of that eyesore, and spare the poor little animals too. 

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