Monday, March 23, 2009

It's finally getting done...

It's been over four years ago since we moved into the house in Cold Spring Terrace and for equally many years, the renovation has been in progress. When we bought the house we thought that it only needed some stylistic changes, but overall the condition was good. We estimated that we would be all done in about 2 years, knowing that we would do almost all work ourselves.

Oh boy, were we wrong. Every time we started a new project we had tons of surprises. We found plumbing leaks fixed with duck tape, fiberglass window screening and tar as a fix to a crack in the foundation–the list is endless. We eventually ran out of steam. But now, after two years of procrastination and lack of energy, we are finally finishing a few projects that had remained half-done for a long time. Granted, our two year renovation plan is now more of a six year plan, but we are finally seeing some progress.

Although at times it feels like we bought the money pit, we do love our house. It's in a great area on the north shore, manageable commuting distance to the city and it's close to both sailing and beaches–our main requirements before buying.

I'm posting a few photos from the latest round of finished projects and a shot of the new bedside lamps I got a few weeks ago.

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