Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wardrobe malfunction

I'm having one of those days, you know...one of those when nothing in the closet seem to fit right or match anything else. Everything seem to be either in the laundry, not fitting right, wrong season, wrong color, you name it. Plus, I am so sick of all my winter clothes, I simply can't bear to wear them one more day. Hmm, maybe this is an excuse to go shopping for a whole new spring wardrobe?? Ugh, probably not...we are in a recession after all.

Well, since this seems to be a long standing pattern with me, I have been trying to avoid these morning disasters by planning ahead and pick an outfit the night before. I guess that should work in theory, but every morning this past week and a half, I have woken up completely thrown off to 27 F weather. Where did spring go?

Although, I am trying to do some last minute alterations to the outfit to compensate for the sub zero New York weather, I have ended up staggering off to work in a completely mismatched ensemble that I would rather not remember. Today's result was pants that are too big and shoes that are too fancy. Color combo: questionable.

Note to self: Avoid problem by incorporating the weather report in evening routine.

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