Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Bathroom Renovation—Finally

So our basement bathroom renovation is finally on it's way. I just picked out a new really deep soaking tub. I just don't understand the purpose of the standard 14" deep tub. Half your body is above water if you try to take a bath. Makes no sense at all. So now finally I'm getting a nice deep tub to have nice hot soak. 

I really wanted to have a white glass mosaic tile shower and floor, but every place I looked it was at least $6.95 per sq ft. We didn't want to spend a fortune—it's just the basement bathroom after all. Well, today I got a lucky break on Ebay. A woman in Oklahoma happened to be selling white mosaic tiles, and I scored enough for the whole bathroom for $157.50 and free shipping. I just saved $400!  I guess it pays to shop around and be patient.

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