Monday, September 14, 2009

Wild Nights are Calling!

Not even the rain could get me down on Saturday night. A night out with my best friends always makes me happy!  Pomegranate Martini warm up at my house, Razberitinis at the Wave bar, and dinner at Prime

The bar was a total scene, but it gave plenty of fodder for people watching. Older women letting it all hang out (and I mean ALL), cheesy guys in their club wear (why do guys insist on wearing ugly True Religion jeans and embroidered shirts—tacky!), young girls desperately looking for a sugar daddy to buy them drinks. Ok, it sounds really, really bad, but it was actually fun.

Dinner was amazing. Sushi appetizers, and for entrees filet mignon with creamed spinach and oven baked mac and cheese. Yum! The steak was huge too, enough to bring home left overs for steak and eggs in the morning.

The view is truly amazing at this place—huge deck with a view over Huntington harbor. There is even a dock if you have someone that can take you there by boat.

We skipped dessert since we were too full, but with tip it came to $85 pp. Not as bad as I thought! Cocktails were surprisingly affordable at $12, and they didn't skimp on the liquor.

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  1. Forutom den underbara lokaliseringen av stallet verkade det finnas en hel del folk att studera. Kul:) Jag gillar verkligen att kolla in olika typer. Sarskilt tillsammans med goda vanner.
    Och maten... vad hungrig jag blev helt plotsligt;)



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