Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brazilian Keratin treatment—follow-up

Saturday I had the keratin treatment and, true enough, it does take 3 hours. I am so far really happy. My hair is straight and non-frizzy, but the test will be tomorrow night when I'm allowed to wash it for the first time. I hope it will look good after that too!

But seriously, you are not allowed to wash, wet or put up your hair for four days. I'm actually slowly going crazy! I'm obsessively thinking about washing my hair. Right now, I'm on day three and my hair just feels stringy and dirty. Ugh.

My stylist recommended to use only sulfite-free shampoo to make the treatment last longer. 

1 comment:

  1. Forstar att du haller pa att bli galen av att inte fa tvatta haret pa 4 dagar.
    Vagar inte ens tanka pa hur mitt har skulle se ut da.
    Men om resultatet blir kanon kan det ju vara vart det.

    Ha det gott



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