Friday, September 25, 2009

Cough cough. Sneeze, sneeze.

I think my boss has the swine flu. Thank god she started to feel sick on a Sunday instead of at work. That could have been a contagious disaster! She's been out sick for 6 days now, and apparently she still has 102F fever. Someone else went home sick on Wednesday on top of that. I have lock myself in my office and refuse to come out! LOL. I even had them shut of the A/C circulating in my office. I refuse to get sick! And who wants to contract anything with the word "swine" in it.  


  1. Nej att fa nagot som borjar med svin vill ju ingen! Har du hangt ut handsprit utanfor dorren ocksa?:)
    Laste att nan sjuksyrra i Sverige hade anvant det (ja, det gor de ju hea tiden) och elandet hade tagit fyr och borjat brinna! Ja, vad ska man tro om det..
    Hoppas att du klarar dig fran att bli sjuk. Tyvarr verkar det ju som om det dar influensaelandet har tagit ny fart nu.
    Skot om dig.

  2. Wavy Davy, You are horrible...I can't publish comments like that! LOL. What if I get caught?!

  3. You know it's true though...

    As a Swede, have your read the Stieg Larson books? I read the girl with the dragon tatoo + who played with fire. The perfect summer books.

    ps: Check out my blog when you get a chance and spread the word to your friends. So far only my mum and Phyllis read it...

  4. Yeah. I know it's true.

    I love Stieg Larsson! There is actually a third book, but I don't know if it's published in English yet. I even bought them for Rich!

    Of course I'll follow your blog!



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